Roman Candles in Williamsburg, PA,
And the Surrounding Areas

Brumbaugh Fireworks Offers Roman Candle Sales

Are you looking for roman candles in Williamsburg, PA, or the surrounding areas? Brumbaugh Fireworks offers a selection of roman candles for our customers in Central PA. Roman candles eject “stars” from a tube that sparkle and explode, similar to a smaller firework. Be sure not to hold roman candles, but instead place them evenly on the ground for the best and most safe results.

If you are looking to add roman candles to your firework assortment in the Williamsburg, PA, area, visit Brumbaugh Fireworks. Call today at (814) 832-2545 to see what we have in stock or for any questions.

We Have a Large Selection of Fireworks in Williamsburg, PA

Brumbaugh Fireworks is the Williamsburg, PA, area’s one-stop-shop for all things fireworks. We even put on our own firework displays for local events, weddings, graduations, and more. If you are looking for roman candles or other fireworks, we have it all. Contact us for more information on the following products:

Find the Best Roman Candle or Firework Display for Your Event

The experienced staff at Brumbaugh Fireworks is available to help customers choose the best roman candles for their event. Roman candles come in various sizes that produce varying results.

If you are looking for something small for a backyard cookout, or a larger size for a New Year’s Eve party, we can help. Brumbaugh Fireworks offers consumer fireworks from top-rated brands, including World-Class Firework, Brothers, and more. We offer what the local firework stands cannot!

Check Out Our Current Inventory of Roman Candles

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