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Firecrackers for Duncansville, PA, Events

Brumbaugh Fireworks Is the Area’s Choice for Firecrackers

Are you looking for firecrackers for Duncansville, PA, events? Make a trip to Brumbaugh Fireworks in nearby Williamsburg. We offer quality firecrackers for family reunions, birthdays, weddings, Fourth of July events, and more. Firecrackers are not aerial fireworks, but still product the loud bang users look for. If you are interested in adding firecrackers to your assortment in the Duncansville, PA, area, stop by. Call us at (814) 832-2545 to see what we have in stock. Located in Williamsburg, we proudly serve Duncansville, Bedford, Altoona, and surrounding Central PA areas.

Stop by Brumbaugh Fireworks for Firecrackers and More

If you are gathering fireworks for a party, gender reveal, or community event, make Brumbaugh Fireworks your first stop. We work with many businesses, municipalities, and local residents to make their events the best yet. Our staff is highly knowledgeable on our inventory and will be happy to help you make the best purchase. Along with firecrackers, we also offer:
  • 200G Cakes
  • 500G Cakes
  • Rockets/Missiles
  • Fountains
  • Flying Novelties
  • Ground Novelties
  • Roman Candles
  • Reloadables
  • Bottle Rockets
  • Helicopters
  • Safe & Sane Fireworks
  • And much More

Contact us today to see what we have for you. Brumbaugh Fireworks supplies wholesale fireworks for weddings, community events, and other occasions. Let us light up your event in Duncansville, PA, and the surrounding area!

Amplify Your Firework Display Near Duncansville, PA

Brumbaugh Fireworks helps customers to amplify their firework display in the Duncansville, PA, area. Whether planning for Community Days or planning a family get-together, let our staff help. We offer quality firecrackers and other products from top-rated brands, including Raccoon, Bright Star, and more.

Firecrackers are a ground-level firework that produce a large “bang” when lit. As part of our consumer fireworks, we offer safe options for your family to use. Brumbaugh Fireworks offers more than just the local fireworks stand – and we are licensed and approved to do so. Visit us today to find the best firecracker options for your event.

M88s in the Altoona, PA, Area

Brumbaugh Fireworks also offers M88s in the Altoona, PA, area. M88s are a type of firecracker that produce a loud “bang” when lit. If you are looking for a powerful option to wow guests, consider purchasing M88s at Brumbaugh Fireworks. We offer what your local tents cannot.

See What Types of Firecrackers We Have in Stock

Visit Brumbaugh Fireworks for firecrackers for Duncansville, PA